A&T Millennium Consulting offers you outsourcing services, the newest tendency in professional matters offered to the companies. This project was possible by making contracts with bookkeeping companies, sales and distribution companies, IT companies and companies specialized in the human resources management.

As a matter of fact, outsourcing represents, the strategic „use of external funds for the development of some activities which, traditionally, are developed with internal personnel and funds". The outsourcing represents a strategy wherewith an organization entrusts major functionalities to external providers, specialized in certain services becoming thus "valued business partners" (partners providers of added value services).

Currently, most managers consider the outsourcing as the most convenient solution for a company interested to become more efficient through costs decrease and the access to the newest technologies, without expenses due to important funds for research and development. More than that, outsourcing is the simplest solution for the problem of specialists’ deficit which the occidental countries are confronted with.

Outsourcing is not a concept of an absolute novelty. Companies have always hired external services for miscellaneous types of internal processes, just to go through processes that could not be achieved on their own, no matter that this was about buildings, technology, people or another resources. Yet, the difference between simple "subcontracting" of a resource and outsourcing consists in the fact that outsourcing involves a much more efficient reorganization of certain business activities, using external partnerships with companies that have the required competence.

Through outsourcing, our company offers you a range of advantages that materialize in:

  • Reduced costs of exploitation (the access to a more profitable costs structure that we offer, as well as the advantages of specialization, are actually the most striking tactical reason)
  • You can focus on a larger range of business segments (different types of activities require management attention and large period of time, but we take them over and we offer you multiple possibilities)
  • You gain the access to world class capabilities (the investments of other companies in technology, methodology and people,  investment that are realized during considerable periods of time)
  • Internal available resources for other purposes (redirected resources through outsourcing are the people. The employees, whose attention was focused inside at the beginning, could point their attention outside, directly towards the customer)
  • Non-critical business functions (the invested capital is reduced for the adjacent business activities and the existence of a guarantee for the running project is an extremely important factor when a company chooses the outsourcing)
  • Split the risks (in the shortest time, the companies which appeal to outsourcing become more flexible, more dynamic and more willing to change in order to meet the new modifications enforced by present economy)
  • Production improvement, delays elimination and productivity increase (much more forms/documents are processed in a shorter time outside the company and, this way, the company resources could be redirected to the basic activities)
  • Scalability (middling profitable solution can be developed exponential, without the growth of expenses and human resources)
  • Additional benefits
    1. Specialized, complete solutions, at a professional level.
    2. Easy installation and customization.
    3. Integrated, strong, flexible and secure applications.
    4. Improvement of accuracy, productivity and efficiency.
    5. Decrease or even elimination of storage necessities.
    6. Higher spirit of the employees - they will be involved more intensely in the activities which they are qualified for.

The outsourcing, as an action method, offers cutback of the time periods for launching a new product, production costs optimization, fast exploitation of necessary resources, access to specialized manpower which completes your team. It is just as you would hire for a short time a number of specialists which will help you to finish project for which you do not have qualified personnel, or the existing stuff is not sufficient.

Our services address to experienced companies as well as to new companies through a large range of services:

IT Outsourcing:

  • Services of data introduction - data entry (collected from various sheets, forms, etc.)
  • Data processing
  • Data capture
  • Database maintenance
  • Scanning services
  • Documents formatting
  • File conversion
  • Indexing
  • File linking/cleaning
  • Electronic data archive

HR Outsourcing:

  • Remuneration (salaries monthly processing; pay list generation, monthly declarations and fiscal sheets; accountant documents development and ensuring the interface with the customer bookkeeper system; electronic files generation for salaries payment in bank card accounts; generation of payment documents for monthly payment of salary taxes; payment bulletins printing; etc)
  • HR Business Intelligence( intuitive charts for management concerning personnel data and remuneration; flow-chart, etc)
  • Personnel administration (deposition of statements, fiscal sheets and statistical reports to the authorities; elaboration of individual labor contracts and additional documents, relationship with authorities; labor books update; general personnel evidence register update; non standard employee certificates generation, etc.)
  • Personnel records audit
  • Retroactive update and eventual errors correction within individual labor contracts and additional documents
  • Retroactive update and error correction within the labor books
  • Retroactive update and errors correction for the unique personnel evidence register

Corporate Outsourcing:

  • Software Outsourcing - internal applications development.
  • Web Help -  customers relationship
  • Internal Training
  • Email Campaign & Research - the increase of potential customers’ database; complex promotion and researches campaigns of the market through email.
  • Hardware Management - hardware infrastructure optimization

Based on a qualified and experienced team, A&T Millennium Consulting will make available all necessary resources, combining the proper providers and the best practices and ideas, in order to build the best solution for your organization!