About us

The policy of our company has committed to providing its clients services and products of best quality, able to meet the clients' demanding needs. Our company's main target is to provide highly qualified and complete services everywhere worldwide. I hereby commit myself to the high quality of the products and services and to permanently improving the solutions you propose to your clients.



The A&T MILLENIUM CONSULTING Society is being initiated as a legal (conventional) person, as a trading society with limited responsibility.

The society's main object of activity is represented by consulting services addressed to the IMMs, as well as by the trade of import-export goods.

ATMC products and services are provided at a national level through its three regional centers: Timisoara, Bacau, Slatina and also through authorized distributors.

ATMC products and services are available at international level in three distribution areas of European Union: England, France and Bulgaria.

General offer of sevices


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